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Tips on Selecting Jewellery to Fit with Your Wedding Gown

By Christine Madison October 22, 2013 No comments

The word ‘jouel’ for jewellery is French in origin and means adornment. The original wedding jewellery was made from valuable stones, animal bones, and even wood. The rich and important people of old selected stones for their pendants while the peasants wore bones and wood.

In modern times, jewellery isn’t selected so much based on the status of the bride. It’s selected to fit the wedding gown, hairstyle and personal taste of the bride. With the wedding day being one of the most important days in any girl or woman’s life, careful consideration should go into the selection of the jewellery.

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Exclusive Wedding Dress Design – Tips for Fitment

By Christine Madison September 12, 2013 No comments

Eurobride is one of the leading providers of exclusive wedding dress design ideas in South Africa. Our garments come from top European design houses, where the bridal gowns are made under our watchful eyes. Every seam, style and detail is reviewed to ensure that the exclusive wedding dress designs come to their full right.

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How to Find the Best Dress for Your Body Shape

By Christine Madison September 12, 2013 No comments

With your wedding dress being the one garment that you’ll want to showcase your best features, you’ll want to find the best dress for your body shape. Years from now when you browse through the photo album, you don’t want to think “The dress was stunning, but it didn’t make me look stunning.” You’ll want a garment that complements your best features and which draws the attention away from the less flattering parts.

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Bridal Fashion Inspiration at Eurobride and the Runways

By Christine Madison August 20, 2013 No comments

The catwalks of Europe give the best bridal fashion inspiration, but if you’re unable to visit the runway shows, you always have Eurobride right here in South Africa. We have an extensive range of designer bridal gowns imported from top European wedding dress design houses.

Talk about bridal fashion inspiration! Simply browse our online wedding garment gallery and you’ll already know what’s hot at the moment. For true inspiration though, we recommend a visit to one of our boutiques in Pretoria or Johannesburg.

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5 Wedding Gown Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

By Christine Madison July 23, 2013 No comments

From the moment the bride gives the yes on the question of “Will you marry me?” to the day of her wedding, the bride has a lot of ground to cover. Even with all the wedding planning help available, she has to make important decisions also when it comes to the selection of her wedding gown.

The top 5 wedding gown mistakes to avoid are often ignored by brides to their own frustration and sometimes financial loss. We share the top 5 wedding gown mistakes to avoid to help you through the decision making process.

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